On Becoming a Coach: Three Behavioral Competencies

Ask Coach Alan | Executive Coaching

No consensus exists on which behavioral attributes are most important for executive coaching. However, there is little question that possession of certain behavioral attributes, when present, will enhance the effectiveness of coaching. I will comment on three attributes that I believe are critical for anyone thinking of becoming an executive coach. They are emotional intelligence, the ability to immerse oneself into another person’s situation, and intuitive thinking.

Much has been written in the last decade about Emotional Intelligence, often abbreviated as “EI.” The key components of EI related to coaching are self-awareness, self-control, and the ability to relate to others. Let me explain why these are important.

Self-examination is not limited to coachees. Every coach has a balance sheet of assets and liabilities. Awareness and understanding of one’s balance sheet allows the coach to manage the coaching relationship. Every coaching relationship is different, and the coach must be aware of…

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